Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak all over the world has people doing the best they can to protect themselves, their families, businesses, and homes from potential contamination. The effects of this biohazard situation can last for weeks, and the continued spread of the virus has led to fatalities. That’s why you need to call a Covid 19 biohazard cleanup company quickly if you suspect that your property is affected. Biohazard Service Restoration can help you decontaminate your property. The reasons to hire our company include:

The reasons to hire our company include:

Over 15 years of experience
At Biohazard Service Restoration, we have a team of specialists who have offered professional cleaning services for over 15 years and attained excellent results. Over the years, we have provided specialist-cleaning services in many hospitals, social services, councils, police stations, and prisons where a virus outbreak has affected. We are devoted to providing our customers with the best services, depending on their unique needs.
Friendly and professional services
We are a professional water damage restoration company that is also competent to offer COVID 19 biohazard cleanup services. We respond to emergencies the same day we receive a call. We also provide our customers with the perfect cleaning experience. Our team of professionals has obtained top-notch training in every aspect of biohazard cleanup and restoration. We offer effective deep cleaning 24/7/365. Our experts leave the affected property after meeting our client’s cleaning needs. As a Covid 19 biohazard cleanup company, our priority is to create a clean, healthy, and enjoyable environment for our customers. We can follow the following cleaning steps to contain the Coronavirus and save lives.
Acting fast
When dealing with any viral outbreak, speed is a priority. We utilize advanced electrostatic sprayer technology that can deliver the Coronavirus disinfectant to the contaminated areas without affecting the environment.
Being proactive
Our team of technicians has access to high-tech cleaning systems and products such as disinfectants. We use procedures and equipment that help us clean and disinfect surfaces appropriately. The disinfectants we use will continue to be effective even after drying. They work immediately and continue to be effective against bacterial and viral threats.
Ensure containment
Our skilled and experienced team leaders guide our environmental cleaning technicians in following specific procedures and establishing RAMS (risk assessment and method statement). These decontamination procedures help us significantly in containing viral outbreaks effectively with no impact on your business. It also ensures infection traces on surfaces are disinfected adequately, including the air in the building, to minimize cross-infection to the occupants of the property. After containing the environment, our team collects and removes the waste from the affected property safely for disposal. We always handle the waste carefully and dispose of it as clinical waste to keep the area not only clean but also free from infection.

Our Vision & Mission

We abide by the principles and ideals that state our ethics, mode, and direction of our work.


With our exceptional reputation, we aim to be the leading cleaning service provider in the region. Our motive is to maintain our high standards, quality services, satisfying results, and unparalleled customer service. This is possible only by working with a devoted team of experts who have a passion for their duty and share our vision.


Our mission is to clean with ethics. We accomplish this by providing our clients with services that exceed their expectations. At Biohazard Service Restoration, we empower, support, and provide a safe and healthy working environment for our staff.

Get a Free Estimate

All our biohazard cleanup experts are skilled and certified to offer the best cleanup experience. The foremost step in any cleaning procedure is to conduct an emergency assessment to get a clear picture of the extent of harm. We provide our customers with a free estimate to determine the best steps for decontamination. We then calculate how many hours it will take to complete the project and the total cost. Contact us anytime for an estimate at (612) 263-9488.