Coronavirus Building Cleaning 

Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), Service Restoration, the leading professional company in trauma cleaning, biohazard remediation, and virus disinfection has been offering a wide range of services. These services include coronavirus prevention, preparedness, and disinfection services to both residential and commercial property owners. With coronavirus recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), hiring a provider with vast knowledge and experience is vital.

Coronavirus Office and House Cleaning

Coronavirus building decontamination process

The process of decontaminating a building or an office depends on factors like nature of the business, hazard present, type of contamination, and extent of the event. However, the first step of decontamination entails learning vital details to protect workers and create a safe environment. To decontaminate a building, developing an offsite survey, then sending a decontamination team to execute the plan are the two initial steps followed by professionals. Depending on the extent or type of decontamination, we can modify the plan to ensure the office or building is safe to be reoccupied. Our decontamination techs follow all OSHA guidelines and HAZCOM program to guarantee the safety of workers and occupants.

How we begin a decontamination project

Whether we are dealing with chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological, and explosive, your safety is our priority. To begin a decontamination project, we start by developing safety plans using an offsite survey. The offsite survey is reexamined after we send a team into the building. We can modify the offsite survey regularly to guarantee the safety of our workers and occupants. To keep our workers and occupants safe, we follow both local and state regulations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. When hiring workers, we ensure they have undergone through the HAZCOM program, and our interview forms cover all OSHA set guidelines

Offsite survey

An offsite survey involves researching the hazard, building, and the area to create an effective safety plan. After thorough research, technicians record a detailed account of what has occurred at the site. To finalize the offsite survey, our workers conduct a perimeter reconnaissance.

    On-site survey

    The onsite survey helps in modifying the safety plan developed during the offsite examination. The safety plan can be adjusted as needed to suit the standards and regulations set. In an onsite survey, two teams with personal protective equipment decontaminate the site. One team enters the place while the other waits outside in case of an emergency or one of the workers need help. The team inside carries out the following tasks: Check for imminent physical hazards Tests the quality of indoor air Identify potential hazards Note important building construction features Documents the decontamination process using videos and images

      Ongoing monitoring

      We usually dispatch a sufficient number of workers to conduct the virus decontamination procedure as per the regulations that are outlined by OSHA. This often happens along with the continuous monitoring of the site in a bid to identify potential hazards as soon as they arise. We typically rely on our Job Hazard Analysis documentation process to address all newly identified risks. This makes it possible for us to communicate all safety concerns to the team on the ground.

        Coronavirus cleaning plan

        Once we have identified the threat of the coronavirus, we will begin the denomination plan. It can take a couple of hours to develop this plan based on the exposure of this virus. We will make sure that all protocols are followed.

        Sandra M

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        Katherine G

        "Very grateful for the excellent service I got when I called upon short notice after we had a sewage backup in our home. The phone operator was really friendly and helpful, and they had the mess cleaned up before I had to go pick up the kids from school. 5/5 Stars for Biohazard Service Restoration!"