Coronavirus Decontamination Process

Our virus decontamination process is defined in such a way that our approach for every situation is dependent on the nature of the contamination, all the available hazards, the magnitude of the event surrounding the occurrence of the contamination, as well as the nature of the business. That said, however, all our decontamination projects commence in the same manner.  We first seek to learn as much as we can about the nature of the site, in a bid to see to it that we offer our workers sufficient protection, and so that you and your employees can return to a safe and healthy environment after the decontamination process.


What is an offsite survey?

Our off-site surveys involve the conduction of a proper study on the hazards involved, the building (and the surrounding areas) our team is expected to report to, and the nature of the activities that led to the virus contamination occurs. We also conduct a perimeter survey to determine whether there are any potential hazards, the best way to access the building, as well as all the possible pathways by which the risk in question could disperse. This survey enables us to come up with the initial safety plan for all the hazards.

What is an onsite survey?

Upon the completion of the off-site survey and the creation of the initial safety plan, our team can then enter the building to conduct an onsite survey. The main goal of this survey is to confirm that the initial safety plan is accurate and to modify it as is necessary. In most cases, the first entry team we send into a building usually comprises of four people who are all fully encapsulated in personal protective equipment (PPE) for all the hazards that we identified and for the decontamination procedure outlined. This team is required to :
–    Conduct an indoor air quality test.
–    Check for all possible physical hazards
–    Note all the essential features of the building construction
–    Capture pictures and videos of the site.
The team captures all the above information in an organized format and then exits the building upon decontaminating their PPE. The information they present is usually reviewed and used to modify the initial safety plan, as necessary.

We usually dispatch a sufficient number of workers to conduct the virus decontamination procedure as per the regulations that are outlined by OSHA.  This often happens along with the continuous monitoring of the site in a bid to identify potential hazards as soon as they arise. We typically rely on our Job Hazard Analysis documentation process to address all newly identified risks. This makes it possible for us to communicate all safety concerns to the team on the ground.
The initial steps in the site-specific decontamination plan can take a couple of hours, or even several weeks, depending on how severe the hazards are, and the magnitude of the exposure. The initial surveys we conduct are quite critical to the determination of the success realized at the end of the virus decontamination process.