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Coronavirus Preventive Disinfection Services

After the outbreak of coronavirus in December 2019, the novel virus has spread to more than 190 countries, thus becoming a pandemic. Health ministries and relevant authorities are putting measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Providing essential supplies, e.g., hand sanitizers, gloves, and testing kits are among the steps used to curb the deadly virus. Service Restoration is a professional company that provides preventive disinfection services to both homeowners and business owners to improve the indoor air quality, providing safe working environments, and preventing the spread of coronavirus.
 Service Restoration provides routine and as needed Coronavirus preventive disinfection services, especially during the flu season or pandemics. With reliable preventive disinfection services, you do not have to close your business or risk infecting your employees or occupants. Service Restoration guarantees that your workplace will be safe. Our manual disinfection techniques and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ensures high risk and high touch surfaces are disinfected. High risk and touch surfaces refer to areas or surfaces where most people touch or occupy, thus posing a danger to other occupants. Some of the areas we regularly disinfect include doorknobs, elevator buttons, reception areas, light switches, and bathrooms. After carefully cleaning high-risk surfaces/areas, we use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging machine. These machines use large volumes of low air volume at a low pressure to transform a liquid into droplets, which are then dispersed into the atmosphere. The ULV fogging machine improves the indoor air quality and guarantees disinfecting a more extensive range of surfaces. The final preventive disinfection step is the use of a HEPA air scrubber machine.
What does a HEPA filtered air scrubber machine do?
The HEPA filter captures small particles like bacteria, lead, dust, mold, asbestos, etc. to provide a clean, healthy, and productive environment.

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