Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan

In the world of business, there are endless risks. Such risks range from natural disasters to simple but crucial disruptions such as power failures. If not solved, such risks could generate an adverse effect on the well-being of the business. For this reason, it's essential to ensure that you are well-prepared to handle any business risk that may come your way. To ensure continuity of your business, you ought to create effective strategies that should make part of your emergency response plan.


Business Risk and Needs Assessment

For better chances of success in business, we make it easy for you to identify the various risks that your business faces, as well as the likelihood of occurrence of such events. By identifying the potential risks that your business may face, you can plan ahead of time and be prepared for unwanted events. It does not stop at that: we also enlighten you on the various risks that are unique to your business. By identifying all the risks, it becomes easier even to estimate the severity of the impact of such risks on your business as well as everyone and everything that is connected to it. After identifying the various risks that your business faces and the effect that they have, we go ahead to find out more about the mission-critical functions of your business. Some of the mission-critical inputs in businesses include assets, vendors, employees, business processes, and others that are critical to your company's operations

Plan Development

As a biohazard remediation and cleanup company, we also utilize emergency response plans provided by our clients to ensure adequate recovery.
In that light, we also develop plans for clients to make it easier for their businesses to recover from disasters. You can always use recovery plans to ensure that your business goes back to business as fast as possible whenever any of the situations we plan for arises.

Implementation and Training

Our preventive disinfection service strategy is a powerful one: 1- We use potent disinfectants that are approved by the CSC and registered with the EPA to sanitize the places that people frequently touch, just like light switches, door handles, and desktops. The coronavirus can easily survive on these floors for a long time, spreading itself to everyone who touches them. 2- Following, we use ULV fogging to disinfect all the surfaces we could not scrub directly, and also to help disinfect the air flow. 3- Then we thoroughly clean the air with HEPA filtration system scrubbing machines. 4- We train you and your employees in the preventive measures that will certainly help prevent the distributed of the coronavirus.
If you have a Coronavirus contamination incident, our response team will implement our crisis response plan. By using clinically tested methods that safely remove all contamination dangers: 1- We completely seal away the contaminated area, and so the contamination doesn’t spread. 2- We put the area under negative air pressure, so that climate flows from the surrounding areas into the contaminated area, instead of the other way around. 3- Following, we clean and disinfect most the surfaces inside the contaminated area. All hazardous materials is handled and disposed of following the highest standards of safety and federal regulations. 4- Then we all disinfect the HVAC program to make certain that it really does not spread the computer virus through the air. 5- After the cleaning, we use deodorizers to remove the odours from your cleaning chemicals. 6- Finally, we test everything with adenosine triphosphate to make certain this is completely clean.

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