Coronavirus Cleaning Decontamination in Minneapolis

How We Clean Coronavirus

Our focus is following chemical, radiological, nuclear, explosive, and biological safety.  We are doing all we can to reduce the health risks posed by the Coronavirus. Safely plans are developed by using on the off-site survey, and the team will then go into the building and monitor the enter decontamination process. We are developing ways to fight back against the Coronavirus and sanitize the building entirely.  The team follows all of the guidelines established by OSHA to keep everyone safe. At Biohazard Services Restoration, all of our team members are trained and told to follow all instructions developed by OSHA.

Off-Site Survey

Off-site surveys will research the hazards in the building and will collect as much information as possible about the site. The beginning of the decontamination process will include looking at the potential risks, the accessibility of the building, and any type of way the coronavirus could have spread in the building. This will allow our team to create a safety plan for coronavirus building decontamination, and we will be able to determine the potential hazards.

On-Site Survey

Once the off-site survey has been conducted, and a safety plan for the Coronavirus has been developed, the team may enter the building to complete the on-site survey. The goal is to confirm that the safety plan is useful, and modifications may be made if needed. Depending on the treat of the Coronavirus, the following measures may be taken:
  •  Performing an indoor air quality test
  • Checking for physical hazards
  • Identifying potential risks for exposure to the Coronavirus
  • Looking at the structural features of the building
  • Looking for documentation of the Coronavirus including videos and pictures

Ongoing Monitoring

During the coronavirus documentation process, the solution that was developed by the team will be monitored. Any new hazards will be addressed as they arise.

Decontamination Plan

Once we have identified the threat of the coronavirus, we will begin the denomination plan. It can take a couple of hours to develop this plan based on the exposure of this virus. We will make sure that all protocols are followed.

Emergency Coronavirus Decontamination Cleaning

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Coronavirus Building Disinfection

 At Biohazard Service Restoration, we offer 24/7 disaster cleanup and repair services, including responses to the coronavirus. We can help disinfect nursing homes, commercial businesses, and schools. Once we are contacted, a team will take all the information about your property and needs.