Coronavirus Building and Office

Decontamination Services

The Coronavirus decontamination process differs depending on the hazard extent and nature of your office or building. Even so, all decontamination processes begin the same way. It entails gathering detailed information about the virus to ensure workers are protected, and your property is returned to a safe and healthy environment. The primary focus of our efforts following Coronavirus contamination is life safety. Hence, we have developed safety plans using offsite survey, reexamination by our experts, and continual modification. That is done by consistent monitoring during the entire Coronavirus building decontamination project. Besides, we follow the guidelines set by the CDC to keep occupants and workers safe and ensure decontamination is done effectively.


Offsite Survey

Our offsite surveys involve research of the hazard, office, or building as well as a perimeter survey to determine potential pathways by which the virus can disperse. This will help us in creating the initial safety plan for the COVID-19 hazard.

Onsite Survey

After creating a safety plan, our team will embark on an on-site investigation. We will aim to confirm the accuracy of the safety plan and modify it as required. We will close off the areas that have been used by the ill persons and wait for some time (typically 24 hours) before we start cleaning and disinfecting. That will minimize the potential for exposure to the respiratory droplets. Our team will employ the personal protective equipment (PPE) for the Coronavirus and carry out the decontamination process as required. Finally, we will open outside windows and doors to enhance air circulation in the area.

Continued Monitoring

During the coronavirus office cleaning process, we will be monitoring the situation continuously to identify any potential new hazards contamination. We will employ our Job Hazard Analysis to comprehensively document newly identified cases and communicate safety concerns at least once a day to our decontamination crew.